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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bimbo and Her Big Ass Problems By Our Guest Writter

Inset photo: Bria Myles - a pornstar (Used for illustrative purposes only)
This article is rated 18+
Bimbo is hot.
Not Pornstar hot, but attractive nonetheless in a natural, wholesome kind of way.
She wasn't one to dress up. In fact, she'd often come to lectures on nothing more than trousers and a t-shirt. If I was lucky though, she would wear shorts and I would get a view of her perfect, well-muscled legs. She never wore makeup, but her skin was always flawless.
Her dark hair was often tied back in a ponytail, but usual just flowed freely down to her shoulders.
I always wondered what it would be like to have those legs wrapped around me and often I would find myself staring at them for longer periods of time than I should have. I knew she had a boyfriend, however, and never made a move. I always figured that I wasn't her type anyway, so I was happy enough to remain friends. Until last Friday.
I was sitting in the crowded lecture hall waiting for lectures to begin, when Bimbo came in and sat down beside me. I turned to make some small talk, but after seeing the stern, angry look on her face I decided against it. As sweet as she could be, Bimbo had a bit of a temper, and I did not want to be on the losing end of that deal. I stared at her legs as she roughly pulled a book from her back pack.
Her hair looked to be a little damp, so I figured she had just been at the gym and had taken a shower before class.
"Why are guys such assholes?" She asked suddenly.
I grinned to myself.
"You had trouble at home?" I asked, uninterested.
"That stupid guy was out until 4am last night! And then he comes home all drunk and wants to have sex! Can you believe that?"
I looked around nervously. Bimbo's voice was rising every second.
"And I know he was out trying to cheat on me!" she continued. "Then, when he can't find some slut smelly enough to sleep with him, he comes and wakes me up!"
I was a little uncomfortable with the subject and was having a hard time figuring out what to say.
"Why don't you break up with him?" I asked.
"It's not that simple." she replied.
I knew she was right. Bimbo and her boyfriend had a two year old son that I knew was the only reason keeping them together.
"Then why don't you go out and have a good time?" I suggested. "Just go out with some friends and cool things down."
"Yeah, maybe I should. In fact, I should go and pick up some guy at a bar and get laid! That would show that bastard!
"Or you and I could just go find a room right now," I said with an exaggerated smile, hoping to lift her spirits with a little humour.
Bimbo turned and stared at me. For a second I thought I had done something terribly wrong. I was waiting for a slap across the face, when she replied.
"Let's do it."
My eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat.
"Let's go. Right now!"
Bimbo started packing up her books. I just sat there stunned.
"Hurry." she said. "I need to be back for the last half of the class."
She got up and walked away. When she noticed that I wasn't following, she turned back.
"Are you coming?"
In a flash I was up and following her out the door.
As we made our way through the crowded hallway, I kept my eyes peeled for a place to go.
"In here." Bimbo said, motioning towards a bathroom. It was a single, so I knew we wouldn't be disturbed. She rushed me inside and closed the door, locking it behind her.
I walked up to her nervously. Our faces were just inches from each other. I could tell she was nervous as well.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.
As a response, Bimbo leaned in and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She pulled back smiling.
"I'll take that as a yes." I said as I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back to me.
Our tongues fought with each other passionately; as Bimbo placed one hand on the back of my neck as her other hand struggled with the waist band of her shorts.
"Allow me." I said, as I slowly lowered myself down.
I hooked my fingers into her shorts and slowly began pulling them down her smooth sexy legs. As I did, I kissed her brown skin trying to savour every moment. She kicked them away, and leaned back against the smooth tile wall as I went for her panties.
Slowly, I removed the garment, peeling it away from her firm, bubble ass and soon found myself staring at Bimbo's freshly shaved pussy. I gave her one last look, before finally going in.
I lightly touched my lips to her soft folds, eliciting a quiet moan from her mouth. I started kissing her p*ssy, as my tongue searched for her clit. When I zeroed in on her tiny fleshy button, I wrapped my lips around it and gently sucked. Her hands were going through my hair as I slipped a finger into her pussy.
Sliding my finger in and out, my tongue flicked at her clit as my other hand continued feeling up her leg. I wanted her so badly. I wanted all of her!
Removing my finger, I lifted one of Bimbo's legs up to the side, and pushed my tongue up into her tight wet pussy. She gasped and placed the leg over my shoulder pulling me deeper into her hot little hole.
My nose was pressed up against her clit as my tongue massaged the inside of her p*ssy, writhing like a snake. I could feel her hole getting wetter and wetter, as her juices covered my mouth. I licked them up as best as I could before rising back to my feet.
As I came back up from my knees, Bimbo kissed me even more passionately than before, showing me that she had no problem tasting her own p*ssy.
"Turn around," I hissed.
I spun Bimbo around, taking her hands and placing them above her head on the cold tile wall, as I kissed her neck. I then dropped back to my knees.
Bimbo pushed her ass out towards me, as I kissed her firm ass. Gently I pulled her cheeks apart.
"Yes..." She moaned quietly, right before I touched my tongue to her sensitive little asshole.
The feeling of my warm, wet tongue on her ass caused Bimbo to curse with pleasure. My hands massaged her flesh as my tongue danced around her puckered hole, feeling every wrinkle.
Feeling a little adventurous, I planted a deep kiss on her butthole trying to slide my tongue right up her ass. It was to no avail, however, as she was just too tight. I went back to licking her rim, as I slid two fingers into her p*ssy.
I couldn't believe that a few minutes ago Bimbo and I were nothing more than friends, and now here I was in a bathroom sticking my tongue up her ass!
"Oh, that feels good!" She hissed
Credits: Hot Pulse

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