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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Chief Bode George, a Erstwhile Deputy Chairman and Member, Board of Trustees of PDP Speaks

Fresh gist as Chief Bode George, a former deputy chairman and member, Board of Trustees of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), says the recent court judgement recognising Ali Modu Sheriff as the authentic party chairman may make founding fathers of the country lament in their graves.
According to report he said he was unsettled by the ruling, adding that achieving genuine reconciliation would be difficult.
“To use the word shock is the minimum I could say. It is worse than being shocked My immediate conclusion was that this is the voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau,” he told journalists.
“Our national convention decisions from what we were told were set aside. National convention decisions set aside? I leave that to political pundits to analyze.
“It’s a very dark day for democracy, very sad. It would make a lot of our old men, those founding fathers that thought of uniting this country and bringing oneness to Nigeria to chuckle in their graves.
“The ones that are alive, I pray that won’t send them to their early graves. It was a very sad day. When I got the phone call, something came to my mind”
On defection of six PDP members in the Lagos State House of Assembly to APC, George said he was disappointed when he heard the news.
“A rolling stone gathers no moss, those who tried that in the past, where are they today? If you bite the finger that fed you, you are heading straight into perfidy. Can they trust the people in that political party that they have gone to join?
“It was through our sweat, through our hardwork; we sat down, packaged, worked, spent our time, money and resources to convince the people. They have disappointed the constituency that voted them in.

“Now will they have the nerve to go back to those constituencies? Did they consult them? It is the most irresponsible behaviour I can ever imagine. You didn’t send yourself there”.

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