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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Latest Gist: Actress Lilian Bach orders ex-manager's arrest, lands her in Kirikiri Prisons

The trending news gist as A former manager of Nigerian actress turned businesswoman, Lilian Bach, is currently in detention at Kirikiri prisons after the actress ordered her arrest for allegedly stealing over N7million from the actress’ account.

Information revealed that an allegation the manager, Adedoyin Sulaiman, has pleaded not guilty to because, according to her, she only borrowed a total sum of N120,000 to pay her child’s school fee.
According to the family of the manager, Lillian Bach was away for
some time. Adedoyin’s sister said Lillian Bach was away for some time when Adedoyin was seriously in need of some money to pay her child’s school fee.
She asked for a loan which was approved by Assistant Manager and Lillian Bach from the company’s accounts to take care of her pressing need. 
Adedoyin later paid N60,000 out of the money she borrowed from the company’s
accounts and the balance was N60,000.
I was later shocked to receive a call that the Police officers have arrested our daughter.
She actually notified the company’s management that she will be resigning right after paying off her debt. Her boss (Lillian Bach) arrested her and not only Adedoyin, but with her visitor who was with her as at that time, who happened to be her brother,” she said.
Reacting to the denial, Lilian Bach said in a conversation with New Telegraph:
“The lady took  advantage of the fact that I travel a lot to steal and loot so much from my shop. 
After the auditing I did with a reputable auditing firm, I realised she’d stolen more than N7million. She got herself an American visa and was going to flee the country. It was sometime in October last year that she gave me a call that she wanted to see me. 
I asked her to talk to me over the phone and she then sent me a copy of her visa. I was happy for her and because I trusted her so much,  she got into me posing as a true Christian.
If I could leave my business in care of someone and travel as frequently as I’d done, it was because I trusted her…
I told her to let us find a replacement and she told me she’d got someone. So, it was the new sales girl that told me of how badly she and some of her family member had been stealing from my shop. 
I told the police who picked her up and I got my account audited. It was the police that charged her to court and when she was unable to meet the bail conditions, she was detained at Kirikiri prisons.

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