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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Reno Omokri list out 20 key things that ex President Goodluck Jonathan achieved in his first 100 days

1. Nigeria’s oil exports grew 20% & we reclaimed our position as Africa’s #1 which we lost to Angola
2. Its time in history in July 2011 we became the 2nd largest OPEC oil exporter after Saudi Arabia

3. Inflation rate reduced to single digit from 10.2% in June 2011, which dropped to 9.4% in July

4. Foreign Reserves rose by 10% to $35 billion by July 2011!

5. Nigeria’s GDP growth rate month over month grew from 6.7% in May to 6.9% in
July of 2011

6. Nigeria declared top 3 investment destinations in Africa (number 2)

7 Nigeria generated power at highest level ever (4000mw) in July 2011 which is still far from enough

8. Nigerian Railway Corp revived Mass Transit Services in 5 of 6 geo-political zones by July 2011

9. Take off of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority by July 2011

10. FG awarded contracts for various road projects and started work across the country by July 2011

11. Launch of NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X Satellites to expand Internet Bandwidth & early warning

12. Then President Jonathan crashed the price of kerosene by flooding the market in May 2011

13. Then President Jonathan increased NYSC allowances from 9,700 to 19,800 Naira

14. Implemented the new Minimum Wage Increase for Nigerian Workers to 18,000 Naira monthly

15. Then President Jonathan fulfilled his promise of 35% Slot for Women in the cabinet

16. Deepened Security and expanding Peace in the Niger Delta

17. Reduced kidnapping in SE with the establishment of 14 Brigade of Nigerian Army in Ohafia, Abia

18. Ended piracy. Maritime Safety was ensured and stabilised

19. A stellar cabinet of former MDs of World Bank & Goldman Sachs, Chair Accenture and multiple PhDs

20. National Automobile Council established an Automotive Development Fund to grow the auto industry

21. Approval for genuine foreign investors to obtain visas at the port of entry to grow investments

22. Model Skills Training Centers set up in Abuja

23. Establishment of the Nigerian Vehicle Credit Purchase scheme

24. Fought corruption at source with the introduction of IPPIS that eliminated 50,000 ghost workers

Here is how he compared Goodluck's Administration to that of Buhari... Read below.

thousands of email accounts were opened for officials by GEJ admin but that IS NOT an achievement

PMB called GEJ who gave youths YouWIN clueless. What do we call APC that gives youths wheelbarrow?

The only thing cheaper in Nigeria today than it was in 2015 is the value of PMB's campaign promises!

“Those who gave me 97% cant be treated on some issues with those that gave 5%" Is that a President?

For the fifth consecutive quarter under , the Nigerian economy shrank instead of growing

 Yet PMB called GEJ under whom Nigeria became 3rd the world's fastest-growing economy ‘clueless’

We dont need 40k email addresses to know GEJ's cluelessness is 100 times better than PMB's clue-ness

We read an Government official said PMB takes made-in-Nigeria medicines in his London clinic ROTFL

Petroleum minister, Ibe Kachikwu, said the President is working and having meetings in London SMH

I wonder if these APC people realize they should have stopped lying after they won the elections

Under Shagari, the Naira was 50 kobo to a dollar yet said his govt was bad and toppled it

Under Shagari Electric was almost constant. NEPA announced before power outage. Yet PMB toppled him

Nigeria Airways and Nigeria National Shipping Line were thriving under Shagari yet PMB toppled him

Today, 's administration is by far WORSE than Shagari’s government in terms of performance

I was 5 when Shagari became President and 9 when he was toppled and I experienced what I mentioned

my parents (civil servants) could afford to send me on yearly foreign vacations under Shagari

Don’t you dare believe the lies about his administration. Shagari is a decent man who did not loot!

How can PMB who cant create wealth for himself in his private business generate wealth for a nation?

Ask yourself why the economy and the value of the Naira picks up when is in London

Why does the Nigerian Stock Exchange lose value when President surfaces from London?

These are historical facts that cant be explained away by the usual blame it all on Jonathan excuse!

After two years in office, the best thing he does for our economy is when PMB goes to London

I was touched when as acting President (not coordinator as PMB wants) he attended the

For one, would NEVER have attended . He may have not even let it hold!

By attending , the acting President applied a healing balm on pro-Biafra agitators...

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