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Monday, 12 June 2017

Arewa Youths: This Biafra thing was becoming like child’s play

Information trending now as the National Secretary, Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, Ahmed Sule, has noted that the push by Igbo people to get a separate country was becoming like a child’s play hence the need to send them packing from the Northern region.

The ultimatum was few days later backed by the Northern elders, who said there was nothing wrong with the call for Igbos to go back to their land.

Sule said on Channel Television SunRise Daily, “The Igbo people and their idea of Biafra in a sovereign state has become like child’s play.
“You don’t start to make jest of situations like that especially in a country like Nigeria. When you
are within a state and you are talking about another country in a country.

“You see what I’m trying to tell you is that when things get too much, because we tend to have been allowing them get away with it. Why should they be always talking about Biafra, Biafra, Biafra and the ones that do it, you can see them, are the younger ones.

“We have a sovereign state with sovereign powers whether it is the president or whoever is in charge, they are duty bound to deal with any situation that threatens the unity of the country. That is the meaning of sovereign.
“Nobody should tamper with it. What brought about all this declarations that you heard last Tuesday. You have the Ndigbo.
“Now, the Arewa youths have never talked about breaking away from this country. In fact, all we do in our programme is making sure this country remains united.
“In the North, if not the Arewa youth, what other organization stands out, sticks its neck and say things the way they ought to be said.

“What makes you think the ACF ended up backing what the Arewa youths said? Its because we are not fighting. We only said, ‘if it is Biafra that you want’ because you always say you want to break away. It’s a kind of marriage unit, okay you are not satisfied, you move aside. There’s no fight in it.
 “What we are talking about is beyond that sit-at-home thing. You see, the average northerner knows what he feels; the impression of him from the other parts of the country especially the Southern part. The Northerner accommodates a lot of stress and pain from insults.”

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