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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Biafra Latest Update: Majority of Igbos against agitation for secession – Kwankwaso

The latest gist as A former governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, has declared that millions of Igbos were against agitation for Biafra.

Kwankwaso​, an APC Senator representing​ ​Kano Central​ ​at the ​National Assembly​, ​​insisted that Nigeria’s unity is paramount.
His ​words: ​”If you look at it, it is only the locals in the South-East that are giving him (Nnamdi Kanu) a lot of support on the surface, and those who are outside the country. Most of those who are in Nigeria, today, especially millions of Igbo, my friends who are here in the North, I can assure you, none of
them will ever support anything called division.
“When I was in Kano, I worked very hard to promote the unity of the country. Now, if you go to Kano, there is a particular layout – ‘new Enugu’, which is not far away from the airport – it is more beautiful than any part of Enugu State. They are living happily and most of them are doing good businesses.
“As far as I’m concerned, the unity and development of this country is key and, therefore, we will continue to stand by it for fairness and justice. I call on all my friends in all the states and local governments to join hands and ensure that there is peace in the country.
 “Peace can only come when things are handled the way they should. The issue of education is very critical across the country, the issue of food security, the issue of health, and the issue of protection of lives and property must be looked into. On the whole, Nigerians, I believe, are good people.
“Of course, there are few people on the opposite side, they are very few in terms of percentage.That’s why we have the security agencies, that’s why we have leaders across the country and that is why we have to use our resources to ensure that nobody raises his fingers to destroy the unity of this country.​”​
​Kwankwaso charged all stakeholders promote progress of the country and advised government to work harder to ensure provision of essential needs and infrastructure to better lives of the citizens.

Asked if he had lost his party structure in Kano state, the Senator, in the interview with Vanguard, answered in the negative.
“No, we haven’t. The position of the party, the national secretariat in Abuja, is that all those who were elected at that time, I think in 2014 or so, are the right executives.
“Nobody has removed anybody that I know. In fact, the party is in the process of replacing all those who have either died or left the party. So, our structure in Kano and across the country is solid.”

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