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Monday, 7 August 2017

Latest News as Badoo Attacks Woman After Night Vigil In Ikorodu

Badoo Attacks Woman After Night Vigil In Ikorodu 
Current update as Members of the Badoo cult disguised as Cherubim and seraphim members, attacked a woman at the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Okin Parish, Igbo Agbowa, Ibeshe, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.
According to Punch, a woman, who had attended a vigil in the church, was injured after her head was smashed with a stone.
3 Badoo members were said to have joined the
vigil, which ended at 3am on saturday,
After the vigil, the cultist struck,  smashing the stone on the head of the woman whose name had yet to be ascertained.
The victim raised alarm, which woke other worshipers and residents of the area.
A resident identified as Joseph said, they chased the cultist and caught one of them.
He said,
“After his arrest, he told us that they were three that attended the vigil. They pretended to be members of the church. People were exhausted after the service and slept off inside the church. During that period, they attacked the woman. She was seriously injured in the head.

“Two of them fled, but the third suspect was apprehended and taken to the Ipakodo Police Station. Some youths wanted to lynch him, but they were stopped.”
Another resident in the community urged the police to conduct adequate investigation on the suspect with a view to arresting other fleeing members and their sponsors.
He said,
“The woman is in a critical condition at the hospital. It took the intervention and assurances from elderly members of the community that justice would be done before the youths agreed to hand over the suspect to the police.
“We have witnessed a situation where a suspect was caught like this and handed over to the police, but nothing came out of it. The police should ensure diligent investigation and prosecution. If justice is done, people will stop jungle justice,” he added.

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